It has been an exciting year for us here at NonDoc, but providing quality journalism costs real money.

Last week, we hosted a capacity crowd for the Tussle at the Tower (click for video), a debate among the three major candidates for Oklahoma County Sheriff, held at the Tower Theater.

In July, we outlined elements of our 2017 growth strategy to readers and supporters at a NonDoc growth party, hosted by a gracious Writers’ Fund contributor who let us paint our logo on the dance floor in his backyard.

At the party, several NonDoc supporters and contributors were asked to give recorded interviews about what NonDoc means to them. In my interview, I spoke about the reason I joined the NonDoc team: to bring responsible, evidence-based health and medicine journalism to a community that is relatively lacking in this content area.

A year of goals

As an editorial board, we set several goals for ourselves near the beginning of 2017: to increase contributions through the Writers’ Fund, to move into an office and to hire a dedicated client-relations manager.

The past several months have marked significant progress toward these goals.

We have added 33 monthly Writers’ Fund contributors since the start of the year, including a great show of support following our July party. We are preparing to move to an office near the corner of Northwest 36th Street and Classen Boulevard in early September. We are preparing to interview and hire a talented client relations manager, with the aim of freeing up our editorial staff to focus on creating quality content on NonDoc.

We will also introduce the official NonDoc mobile app soon, giving greater access and notifications of new content to our readers.

Journalism costs real money

As we have slowly discovered, growth and improvement is not free (or even cheap, usually).

Making progress toward our goals comes with some tangible expenses: $70 to $90 per month for internet fees in the new NonDoc office, approximately $60/year for app-hosting services and a host of other web-service fees.

We are thankful for the support of our readers, as we would not have made it this far or long otherwise. But we need to keep growing this base of financial support because doing journalism costs real money.

If you believe in and value our mission of providing a responsible public forum and journalistic outlet, we hope you will consider signing up to contribute to our Writers’ Fund, which directly supports local, independent journalists and the platform we provide. The best way to support is by becoming a monthly contributor, but we appreciate any contribution immensely.

Already a contributor? Consider increasing your contribution or switching to an automatic monthly profile to help NonDoc advance through this exciting period of growth.

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your continued support.

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Dr. Ashiq Zaman graduated from the OU College of Medicine in 2012 and was a co-owner of NonDoc Media from July 2016 through November 2019. He currently resides in Houston. His commentaries do not constitute medical advice.