Giving Tuesday
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Keith Gaddie, a devoted NonDoc reader and occasional contributor of content, tweeted that about NonDoc on Election Day. Like a new haircut, we appreciated that he noticed! 

We became an official 501(c)3 this year, and as a nonprofit we are committed to keeping tiresome ads off your articles. Instead, we depend on the support of sponsors and donors who value good journalism to help us keep the lights on.

It’s Giving Tuesday

Like you, we are ready to say “peace out!” to 2020, and in our excitement for 2021, we are asking that readers like you help us raise $2,021 as part of this year’s Giving Tuesday celebration. Will you help us?

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Our mission

At NonDoc — also known as the Sustainable Journalism Foundation — our mission is to provide independent, local journalism that is free and easily accessible to all Oklahomans.

We believe you want facts and information, and we trust you to form your own opinion. We publish commentary pieces — as well as your responses to them — because we believe our community benefits by hearing from diverse voices on a variety of topics.

Maybe 2020 wasn’t SO bad?

This year, we kept our eyes on the State Capitol during the pandemic because government accountability is important whether the world is locked indoors or not. We also added more county resource pages, and we have some similar resource efforts in the works because we know access to public information matters.

This year, we also hired a new managing editor, Andrea DenHoed, and an education reporter, Megan Prather. Among other things, Megan closely covers how COVID-19 is affecting our education system. Andrea, meanwhile, keeps our editor in chief in line while editing others’ work and producing interesting long-form pieces.

In addition to previewing many state and legislative races for #election2020, NonDoc hosted a rowdy series of live in-person debates between local candidates. We followed social distancing protocols and offered a live stream on Facebook and because respectful public dialogue is a benefit to any community.

We also made NonDoc articles free to reprint in other local papers and news sources because sharing is caring!

All the ways to give if you can/want to

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