NonDoc news ambassador
Become a NonDoc news ambassador today. (Angela Anne Jones)

Do you appreciate independent journalism while wishing more people in your community knew how to find accurate stories about important information? Do you have one or two hours each week to volunteer for an Oklahoma nonprofit?

You might be a perfect candidate for NonDoc’s News Ambassadors program! This new program will launch in early 2024 as an effort to rebuild trust in local news by connecting more people in more communities with key coverage of the Oklahoma State Capitol and other civic matters.

Our news ambassadors will start by making a simple commitment to read NonDoc and other independent news sources, and they will receive training and tools to help convince members of their community to do the same by signing up for our newsletters and direct-text service.

With the Oklahoma Legislature’s regular session scheduled to start in February, NonDoc’s News Ambassadors program will launch with a particular focus on delivering State Capitol coverage to rural communities. News ambassadors are also being sought in the Edmond and Tulsa areas to help grow readership for our Edmond Community Reporting Project and our new Tulsa-based, courts-focused reporting position.

NonDoc staff will support our news ambassadors by scheduling personalized visits to communities so that our journalists become familiar faces and not just names on screens. When people have ideas for stories and feedback about current events, news ambassadors will make sure their neighbors know they can speak to us freely, on or off the record.

To learn more about becoming a NonDoc news ambassador — or to suggest someone from your community — please fill out this brief Google form. Your information and responses will be kept confidential, and we will contact you to discuss details and answer questions.

Oklahoma Media Center ecosystem efforts

NonDoc’s News Ambassador project is being launched with support from the ecosystem engagement fund of the Oklahoma Media Center, a nonprofit organization with a mission to support and strengthen Oklahoma’s local journalism ecosystem and spur innovation through statewide collaboration that benefits diverse audiences. OMC has been studying our state’s news ecosystem and examining levels of trust among news consumers.

Thanks to OMC grant funding, NonDoc’s news ambassadors will receive special gifts, opportunities and appreciation for their efforts to support our mission of producing and distributing quality journalism with context that enables civic involvement.

Again, to learn more about becoming a volunteer NonDoc news ambassador for your community, please share your interest by filling out this form.