With 653 like votes since August 2006, Urban Dictionary’s top user-submitted definition of Sunday Funday definitely encapsulates some of the impetus behind the weekend tradition here at NonDoc.

Rather than darken your digital displays with heavy topics and serious reportage, we seek to augment the last shreds of weekend freedom with lighthearted cartoons and perhaps a bit of poetry to absorb at your leisure. In fact, we don’t even dictate that you bear the burden of reading: You can simply listen to many of our poets recite their verses on NonDoc’s SoundCloud page.

In case you’ve been too busy (or hungover) to give Sunday Funday a look, we present the following gallery of all the year’s cartoons from artist/illustrator Mike Allen since our Sept. 1 launch.

Much like Lionel Richie, we tend to keep our Sunday mornings easy. We hope they’ve been good company for your a.m. cup of coffee (or hair of the dog).

Previous editions of Sunday Funday

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Introducing Sunday Funday from Mike Allen