Sundaze poetry and comics

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Comic first

(Mike Allen)

Poem second

We do not listen
by William W. Savage III

There may be a lot to say
but there’s more to see
and think
and I think
the curse that i find
with humanity
is that everybody
feels the need
to tell me what they need
to feel.

Facebook and twitter
with tweets
and twats
and shitting
everything we’ve got
at who?
Really — WHOM
but at no one
that’s whom
And for every one
who tweets and twats
about their cats and thoughts
I’m reminded what H.L. Mencken had to say
… of course, that is a lot.

That crusty old fire-farter
born and dead in Baltimore proper
hated FDR
and religion
and marriage
of course
the dumb asses
of the dumb masses.
he hated the “bad scheme”
of giving man
only “one life.”

With only
one life
one lives once
not twice
and suffice
it to say
spends a great amount
of time
and tweets
and twats
on saying what
he or she
thinks …

We do not listen
or read
or think
as much as we should.
We do not unplug
turn off
or tune our own selves out
for our own good.

It’s been 65 million years since the dinosaurs walked the Earth …
and it’s probably been 65 seconds
since someone in here
in this forum
of cosmically unimportant
men and women
or twatted
some horse shit
about something.

So let’s all shut up.

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