The only thing more obnoxious than people yelling, “Fake news!” is the idea that some of the news we ingest on a daily basis actually is, for lack of a better word, fake. We curate our social media feeds to coddle our own biases, loading our intellectual rifles with red or blue bullets, one slanted think piece at a time.

It’s common knowledge that the state’s largest newspaper is, at the very least, consistently bent toward a conservative readership (to the point of printing a Christian prayer on the front page every day).

The local TV news is great if you want to know how cutting-edge the station’s weather radar is, or if you like opinion segments from a guy whose only job is to go a whole 30 minutes without having an opinion. Most “alt media” in town right now is either entertainment-focused or too silly and poorly edited to be considered media at all.

NonDoc doesn’t seem to be like that. As far as I can tell, when it comes to hard news, the website features actual, this-stuff-affects-me, by-god-real-news. NonDoc is a guy at the Capitol building every day asking elected officials questions that nobody else has asked them. It’s honest and transparent sourcing and attribution. It’s insightful opinion pieces from every political perspective.

In short, NonDoc is exactly what we need right now.

— Jack Fowler

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