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Educators packed the Oklahoma State Capitol in early April to advocate for additional funding. (Elizabeth Sims)

While Oklahoma senators and representatives technically adjourned two or three weeks ahead of their typical schedule this year, the state’s 56th Legislature actually spent 12 of the past 15 months in some sort of session.

From January through April of this year, the Legislature was in its second special session, simultaneously meeting for regular session beginning in February.

The resultant lawmaking generated high drama, big changes, major news and a great amount of clarity about just how the Sooner State governs itself.

To catch up on what happened, how and why, please consider examining our entire #okleg tag page.

But if you want to know what parts of our coverage received the most attention from readers like you, please find our top-10 #okleg stories of 2018 below. (Non-Legislature posts from the first four months of 2018 have been removed from this analysis of site traffic.)

Our most-read #okleg articles from 2018 session

#10: April 13

Who filed for the #okleg? 21 eligible incumbents pursue other options

#9: March 14

Seeking resolution: Tax plans emerge ahead of April 2 walkout

#8: April 11

Vulgar voicemail names wife, daughter of Rep. Kevin Calvey

#7: March 28

Lawmakers discuss ‘credibility issue’ with OEA position

#6: April 3

In their words: House members explain ‘No’ votes, discuss walkout

#5: May 1

Teacher: Veto referendum ‘feels like an attack on public education’

#4: March 1

Preaching to Senate, pastor ties shootings with ‘immorality,’ gay marriage

#3: March 28

Money for education: Senate sends historic revenue bill to governor

#2: March 26

Historic vote: House hits supermajority on revenue plan

#1: April 4

Bill eliminating capital gains deduction stalled in House

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