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Old and new: players and definitions

(Mike Allen)

A little context here: After Oklahoma defeated Texas A&M in an NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen match up, Buddy Hield met with Kobe Bryant briefly in the stands for a chat.

I was a little worried that the moment might go to Buddy’s head, and thus I watched for any signs of it in OU’s next game versus Oregon. It’s tough to say definitively if it had any effect on his play, but I could have sworn he was taking more fadeaway threes than usual. The thing is, he was making them.

I originally sat down to write this before the Sooners’ Final Four showdown with Villanova on Saturday, and suffice it to say Buddy didn’t dominate and OU won’t compete for a national title Monday night. The 95-51 loss was hard to watch, and Hield shot one of eight from three-point range.

Like Kobe’s spectacular NBA career, all good things must come to an end.


by Thomas Mlanda

When I became a man
I learnt to hide away.
To wear the right skin for winter
And still make my hay.
I learnt to belong to myself
I learnt to trust
I learnt to safely keep a dearly bought secret
Then I learnt of you.
And lost my identity to the rain.
For once-
I was a child again.

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