NonDoc Writers' Fund
(Amir Kbah / Flickr)

Last week, we sent out a challenge that we thought was a pretty ambitious goal: raise $1,000 by the end of the week. Today we are thrilled to announce we exceeded that goal, receiving $1,700 in new Writers’ Fund contributions, of which almost 15 percent came in as monthly, recurring payments.

Our work is supported in large part by your generous contributions. With a total of 35 donors in this campaign, our average contribution amount came to $48.57. When our readers support our work, we are better able to provide you with the content you value most. Because of these investments, we can do what we think is important: report the news accurately and provide a responsible public forum for commentary.

Growth: A strong start to year three

Here’s why we asked for contributions. Last month marked our two-year anniversary, and we celebrated by setting a monthly site traffic record. Even better, we have other big goals for the coming year.

At our Growth Party back in July, we announced our 12-month growth plan, which included putting our roots down in the community with a physical office address. We are proud to say that goal has already been accomplished. We are now located at 3800 N. Classen Blvd., Suite C-80, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73118. We appreciate longtime contributor and former Gov. David Walters for seeing the value of NonDoc advertising space and utilizing monthly ads to make the office affordable. Reporting to you that this intention has come to fruition excites us.

At the same time, our readership has grown significantly over the last three months. We plan to continue that growth so we can reach more readers and cover more stories. But that will not be possible without your support.

Please keep investing

We are immensely grateful to those who helped us meet last week’s goal and to our supporters who have already been giving. Our hope is to create a community of readers who value accurate, independent journalism and are willing to invest in it. We hear daily from people who believe, like us, that honest journalism is “exactly what we need right now.”

If you would like to invest in local journalism and haven’t yet joined our Writers’ Fund community, please consider doing so today.