(Mike Allen)

The news has been a little slow on the ground lately, so let’s turn our attention to the skies, shall we?

Over the past two weeks, I’ve seen several articles on an object that passed through our solar system last October called “Oumuamua.” NASA and others have been studying the data collected during that time and have slowly and cautiously released their findings to the public. Which brings me to aliens, of course.

When I see articles like these, I know it’s just click bait. Light sails? Intelligent extra terrestrial life? What the reader needs to understand — and this goes with most things in life — is that for something to be likely, there needs to be evidence it exists in the first place. I’ll save my explanation on why I don’t think there is other intelligent life out there (besides, you know, no evidence for it) for some other time. I love astronomy and most things that go along with it. This is an exciting discovery that should be studied for a long time. Lets just pump the rocket brakes a little bit.

— Mike Allen

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