OKC City Council
(Mike Allen)

After the OKC City Council elections this past week, I can’t help but think about the very positive addition of new perspectives to our city’s leadership.

Striking to me is how youthful the council suddenly has become, as well as what sort of ideas might come from younger and more diverse perspectives. James Cooper and JoBeth Hamon are both younger than many of the folks we have seen representing our city in my lifetime. (Additionally, Cooper becomes the council’s first LGBTQ representative, and the presence of him and Councilwoman Nikki Nice means OKC has two African American councilpersons for the first time in history as well.)

There is nothing wrong with aging of course; it happens to all of us, and you accumulate wisdom one way or another. The new range of, well, everything among OKC council members can only be a plus for this city, and I’m looking forward to continued progress in the years to come. But still, inquiring minds want to know: Which boy band is the best boy band?

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