Purple Rain
(Mike Allen)

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Life composed
by James Coburn

Star flash gone
music fly by without a goodbye
zooming white doves to heaven.
Stardust streaking high
above purple wildflower sigh.
Once in a blue moon
Never more
Always above the flock
gathering white petunias
Deep red stirred with blue
below the rain
falling as tears to lift
the smallest bud to light
the expanding vibration
of Prince.


A Better Future
by James Coburn

Children born to this world
to this world.
To this humanism we have created,
Children are born.
Children learn our actions,
purchase mechanisms for violence.
Tomorrow’s children will perish
under the trigger gauged by fear,
a fear we exposed, a fear we lent.
Those who have died already,
Those who didn’t live to know
their potential, have shaped our emptiness,
have shaped our resolve to rise,
have shaped our need for each other.
Children will live remembering
who of us offered them a hand.
They will fill the void of indifference
as some succumb to an illusion of fear.
Children will know the sky.

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purple rain

Mike Allen is a graphic designer, painter, printer and tailor. He has a fine art degree from the University of Oklahoma.
James Coburn is an Oklahoma poet, photographer and journalist. His first book of poetry, "Words of Rain," was a 2015 finalist for the Oklahoma Book Awards. His work has appeared numerous anthologies. A long­time journalist for The Edmond Sun, Coburn is a 2013 inductee of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame.