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Comic First

Oklahoma Standard
Some find the Oklahoma Standard inspiring, others find it hollow in the face of so many social problems in Oklahoma. (Mike Allen)

Poem from India Second

Fragments of recognition
by Mohammad Shahnawaz

Through the culture of names and faces;
I wish to clear away all the recognitions,
A race, name, color or faith;
Giving a face to make hearts separate,
Where a soul seek another with a doubtful strange eye;
When there comes a call to mention its identity,
Where traits of an human aren’t enough to describe;
The differences created by appearing disguise,
Where tears are salty and blood is thick;
But human acts fool in name of Wit,
To break a heart, a land into pieces;
Killing peace in open with a mouth that preaches,
Filling pockets and bellies with greed and pride;
Disallowing self from a walk into paradise,
A realm of the truth where soul doesn’t complicate;
Due to overcautious mind always ready to distract,
From the ties of love, trust, affection and kin;
Where feet ride along instead racing off to win,
Though the world is racing and it ain’t tired yet;
From running into fragments seeking treasure never met,
For how can it be that peace reigns it all;
When difference is the reason that’s leading to the fall,
For I’ve been running into dread of this chase;
Where I sought One breaking whole into maze,
So how could it be that I have been through?;
When recognitions blinded my so-called honest view,
It’s no doubt to know that we’re already too late;
For we didn’t spread love but we did cherish hate,
But it’s better to ignore all recognition and name;
To later not regret on a self-made shame.

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Mike Allen is a graphic designer, painter, printer and tailor. He has a fine art degree from the University of Oklahoma.
Mohammad Shahnawaz, from India, writes prose and poetry under the pen name Seeker Poet. He focuses on observing the little things of everyday life.