off the rails
(Mike Allen)

When I see a quote like, “It’s disappointing that politics and gamesmanship are getting in the way of policy” coming from the Oklahoma Capitol, the metaphor is almost too easy to illustrate, especially when it involves trains. Low-hanging fruit is sometimes the tastiest, you know?

Concerning the battle over HB 2472‘s attempt to regulate trains that block railroad crossings, there are two things to talk about: one being the legislative “gamesmanship” referred to above, and the other is the railroad system and its laws.

Both approach “inside baseball” territory, so my eyes glaze over a little bit just reading about them. Playing politics with whose bills get heard based on their votes seems… normal to me? It’s not a good thing of course, but it is also not surprising.

As for the railroads, every time I see news about them I think to myself, “Is there any way we can get commuter rail for the OKC metro area in my lifetime?” From the little reading I’ve done, it seems there are many hurdles to clear before it can become a reality. I’m a hopeful person though, so maybe the negative train stories will someday be positive ones.

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