Oklahoma City
(Mike Allen)

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Poems Second

by Derek Geiger

As I limped along the road,
Beaten, Broken, Lost,
I pondered the miles I’d strode
And what they all had cost.
Some had been light, airy, gay,
And some had bent me low.
Some had shown a brighter way,
And some…I didn’t know.
Were they beacons, shining hope,
Or were they merely lies,
Grand delusions, slacking rope,
Or proof of divine eyes?
One thing, for sure, I did know,
I had seen myself shrink
Only so that I could grow,
Relieve another kink
That choked the air from my lungs,
And kept my pace just short
Of long-admired, wizened tongues
Whose ways I longed to court
And make them mine, matrimony,
Marry myself to them,
Emancipate from phony,
False stones, to wed a gem.
I hope I carry the lesson
And learn from all the ill-
Prepared, cheap window dressin’,
Burn the chaff ere the mill.

by Derek Geiger

Oh, how I yearn to feel the burn
Melt away,
The dark to watch and then debauch
Under spray
Of blossoms, bright, red at midnight,
End of day,
As the Master holds disaster
There at bay.
Fallen Graces blank their faces
In drowned milk
Where places dark leave their cold mark
On their ilk,
Beneath the cloud, no longer loud,
Just like silk,
A silken band, ’round arm, not hand,
It will bilk
Last bits of essence from your earthly presence.

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