Draymond Green
(Mike Allen)

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Poems Second

Kill the numb
by Derek Geiger

When you want to cry but can’t,
When you want to die but shan’t,
When you want to fly, just go
And go and go with the flow,
Not getting any younger,
Must recapture the hunger
Of your dusty, faded dreams
And sew together your seams.
You aren’t whole unless you feel,
Cannot thrive unless you’re real
With the statements that you make,
With the chances that you take.
Discipline will bring you joy,
Disdained since you were a boy,
The only thing that can save you,
If you believe it is true.
Now launch yourself, my good man,
Into reclaiming your plan,
The one that makes you shine, beam.
Now bleed, suffer for your dream….

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