South Africa

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Comic First

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Gawker Media has declared bankruptcy after taking a boot to the face from Hulk Hogan. (Mike Allen)

Poem Second

Dear President
by Molefi Mokhasi

(Editor’s note: Molefi Mokhasi is a poet from South Africa where the president is Jacob Zuma.)

Dear President

Evening sir
Before I roll out the details need I make it clear that am not an enemy…
Just a concerned citizen who briefly thought about being wasteful of his energy

Life’s tough in your land
Life’s laughingly stock in your land
Your youth lost hopes and now our ideas are about to crash!

You’ve been ignorant for quite a while…
That you even lost count
Your people aren’t rainbow no more,but Black and White…
But you’d even care less about it and rather make your annoying laughing sound

Heard about your rand?
It’s equivalent to a Zim dollar!
Heard about your land?
We fight over it and it’s about to bring horror!

Heard about your youth and streets?
Heard about your youth and drugs?
Heard about your nation that bleeds?
Heard about unemployment being the cause of fewer dreamers and more thugs?

Well let’s rather not touch into other issues…
You know, like Guptas and other stuff that I know would rather piss you

Let’s preferably work on bringing back peace…
And love to your land!
I need us to reconsider this freedom of speech…
Raise high our flag and uphold our Constitution on our strongest hands!

I need us to redo the Marikana and help the poor…
I need us to see life with an Eye of the rich and combine the duo
I need us to eradicate the shacks…
And bring back pride to your land!

I want at least to let you share…
Into a coldest room with a poor man!
Out of curiosity,how’s it that without even matric…
You’d become richer than a graduate?
Allow me to leave it there and begin to plea…
Go out there and begin to calculate!
Deaths that occur at the shacks,burns of like a 3rd degree
Allow me to also leave this here,in punctuate!

I’ll try by all best to get you a good buyer…
If you willing to sacrifice few of your cows
I’ll do best if you need a good buyer…
I know one who’d be willing to purchase your house

Need I speak no full hands about the poor or the rich…
But rather be allowed to speak a handful of the strong and the weak!

Enough for now though,hope to make your schedule…
Say about next week!
Or anytime that you’d be glad to…

Yours concerned,

Nothing like an enemy.

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