Comic First

(Mike Allen)
(Mike Allen)

Poem Second

We are Pulse
(Cast your stones unto the ground)

by Derek Geiger

We’re born into this world with darkness on our backs,
Targets primed and ready to suffer your attacks.
Our childhoods are less-than, because they can’t be free,
Enslaved to expectations of what we must be.

We suffer the preachers, the priests, and the imams
And must hide the flame within us, even from our moms.
You make us hate ourselves to mirror your own hate.
You make us fear reprisals when we go on a date.

You make us cry and lie, because the truth is sin
Or so you say, repeating, time and time again.
Even if we survive and grow to love ourselves,
There is an unchecked specter; into us it delves.

It can manifest itself, undo all the love,
And pledge its sick allegiance to false gods above.
This happened in Orlando, happened to our kin.
He fought acceptance gained, believed the lie again.

Fifty cellphones ringing, hundreds of calls unheard,
As we lay on the dance floor, not saying a word,
Brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and wedded-to-be
Were silenced forever. Please say now you can see

Tears we’ve cried and times we’ve lied, even to ourselves.
Don’t forget to keep our names off forgotten shelves
That gather dust like so much rust nor paper o’er
The pain.
Take us as we are and preach hate no more.

The blood spilt is red, but, our love is a rainbow.
Straight into the arms of GOD, that’s where the slain go.


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