Love is for the birds

Art First

Good vibes
(Mike Allen)

Poem Second

Love is for the birds
by Wesley N. Tinga

Love is for the birds
How do I provide for her in the face of responsibility?
If we stay for the moment
Talk and while time, at the end of the day
We’ll have to sleep hungry
And wake up on the same bed angry
Facing different sides yonder the window
Into the beautiful, majestic landscape below
Hun, I got work to do to feed us both
I can hunt deer, I can hunt rabbit
I can feed us for a century at most
I love you but love can’t feed us
And money can’t buy us love, so what
Do we do now, let’s spread our wings wherever opportunity
Deems us best, survival is for the fittest
Love is a two way traffic
The scales of paternity demand a give and take
Relationship, I build a bridge
You help me cross the bridge
Abridge the rift between us with timely maintenance
With that said and done, we can comfortably escape into the wild
Where love fuse with the wild
We can watch the spectacular wilder beats migration
In the Maasai Mara, we can sleep in the biting cold
Watch the stars stacked up high in the sky, till the sun
Comes up again and set in a red haze
Let’s hold dear what we cherish, love is an amazing maze
Let’s pursue each other’s dream in the face of possibility
Let’s dream the dream, lets live the moment
Love is for the birds….

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Mike Allen is a graphic designer, painter, printer and tailor. He has a fine art degree from the University of Oklahoma.
Wesley N. Tinga is a poet from Mombasa, Kenya. He started writing at a tender age of 14 and soon will be publishing his poetry volumes.​