hot summer love
(Mike Allen)

With Oklahoma temperatures tickling triple digits, NonDoc has devoted its last two Sundaze poems to the topic of ardor for the opposite sex. Here’s to you and your hot summer love, wherever you find it.

Today, poet Kariuki wa Nyamu sends his thoughts from Kenya.

— William W. Savage III

Echoes of Love
by Kariuki wa Nyamu

Oh, my sweet of heart,
today I just want to declare that
my love for you can’t be compared
with gold, silver or diamond
for it’s true love from the never drying well of my soul
since I wandered lonely from home to home
looking for the loveliest of all
but I couldn’t find one of your kind
and if I may tell you
every atom of your flesh
is as dear to me, as my own.

Frankly as always, my love,
You’re the one my big heart is dying for
hence your mind has become my treasure
as my love for you is unending
since you’re a beauty
just the desire of my heart
hence I won’t let you go
till I lead you by my gentle arms
to the homestead that I was born and raised
at least, to see my dear Mom
the lady who made your love a gentleman
the reason I breathe sweetly in your presence.

My prettiest one,
Thanks be to you
for I’ve realized your love echoes mine
but, tell me my sweet of heart
How great will it feel?
when, after tying the knot, we’ll walk hand in hand
lie on the green grass in our homestead
I shall raise the banner of love over you
My sweet of heart,
Just imagine,
How pleasant will it feel?

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Mike Allen is a graphic designer, painter, printer and tailor. He has a fine art degree from the University of Oklahoma.
Kariuki wa Nyamu is a Kenyan poet, scriptwriter, editor and schoolteacher. He holds a degree in English, Literature & Education from Makerere University, Uganda. He is currently pursuing an MA (Literature) at Kenyatta University, Kenya.