design conversations
Design conversations on Oklahoma's new license plate. (Mike Allen)

On design conversations for the new
Oklahoma license plate

“I imagine the design conversations went something like this. However, what I’d really like to see is if they had any rejected designs. I can’t imagine what those must have looked like (although I must say that this design doesn’t bother me too much.)”

— Mike Allen

Poetry Second

Raindrops and Candlelight
by Laura Romig

The thunder sounds like drums
The tinkling of the rain outside
The pitter patter of the rain drops
Like the tinkling sounds of a piano
In my home the candle light
Dances on the walls and windows
The flickering of the candles moves
In perfect harmony with the rain
My thoughts drift as they often do
To the gentle loving heart
Of a man of passion in love with life
I dream that tender love I feel
Lives within his heart my voice
Dancing like the candlelight inside his mind
Dreams of happiness living in his heart
As soft and warm as the candlelight
I close my eyes and see him clearly
The tears run down my face
My heart my mind wondering
Is his love as true as mine
Do our hearts beat as one
Breathing deeply all I can do
Is listen to the pitter patter of the rain

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