Abyss of Vastness
(Mike Allen)

The Abyss of Vastness
by Chantelle Cherie Lily

Alone in the Vastness of space,
a parent to naught accept
the darkness of thought,
Images fluctuating upon nothing but the blindness of dreams that could never be.

Loneliness was upon the night
no light to guide me,
No love to comfort the pain.

Alone I stood in the Vastness of infinity at the breach of insane.

Choosing to separate the agony from the causes that seed, any future discomfort that will fall upon my children of need.

I shall separate the darkness,
the gross the more tangible
to one side of the Abyss,
This I shall call my child of the blind and unfaithful kiss.

He, I shall designate the forces of destruction,
The Father who’s only intent is to lay his seed upon the waters of creation.

Their they stall sail by the power
and will of it’s Father.

On naught but temptation but,
The Father
Composed of the illness of singularity of purpose.

New naught but to lay
and destroy his children
one by one through the cycle’s of Eternity.

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